2019 Food Caravan Art object The poffertjes caravan (Adria 380 from 1972) is not only a food truck, but also a work of art and is sprayed by Amsterdam's stencil artist Hugo Kaagman in Delft Blue style. The food caravan is typically Dutch with a multicultural appearance. Organic Poffertjes. Pofferdikkie: delicious organic poffertjes traditionally with butter and powdered sugar or other tasty toppings! Pofferdikkie is part of Cedric’s Poffertjes,                            Rozenstraat 40,6942 WH Didam. Tel: 06 33 95 69 99 or Tel: 06 36 58 72 83 Mail: info@cedricspoffertjes.nl Web: www.cedricspoffertjes.nl