1985 Transvaaltunnel, Amsterdam
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Painting of the Transvaaltunnel, Amsterdam.120 meter , titled: "World without frontiers". In 1985 the municipality of Amsterdam asked Hugo for a visual solution for a pedestrian tunnel at the Transvaalquarter of the city. As the neighbourhood was populated by a mix of cultures from Surinam, Turkey, Morocco and Amsterdam natives Kaagman was requested to melt his styles in a recognizable atmosphere that could prevent vandalism and promote integration.
2005 SAIL Delft Blue container
Kaagman meets the Queen. His majesty is informing about learning to paint delft blue.After the explanation of the painting, about the waves (Chinese porcelain style) and the dyke protecting the below NAP, etc. she remarked wisely that the Wave of Hokusai , the famous Japanese stone print (of a century ago), couldn't have been none else than another tsunami.
Diana Lixenberg door Wubbo