New piece in the Hemonlylaan: Hommage to Peter van Straaten. Photo´s: Alphons Nieuwenhuis
Special mural in commission Amsterdam 2022
Punk expo Hugo Kaagman op gevel Paradiso. (september - augustus 2022)
Facade Exhibition
Punk is hot! Kaagman started the KoeCrandt in 1977, the first Dutch Punk paper. At this period Kaagman squatted a building in the Sarphatistraat 62. In this building various artists and musicians were settled and everyone with artistical aspirations could find a place to create and show their work. People were welcome to write all sorts of anarchistic or political slogans on the wall. Nowadays it is difficult to find this kind of subcultural places, but Punk is back again! Punk is not dead! The corona-crisis, housing crisis, climate and “good civility” is getting Punk back to us. In the ArtKitchen Gallery at the Hemonylaan 6a we will show you Punk of the late seventies/early 80s and Punk now (like Asociaal Kabaal). In which way are these two periods alike? On this facade exhibition you see a selection of work from Kaagman from the 70’s/80s. Text: Rosalie Dols, curator @ ArtKitchen Gallery Amsterdam Design: Hugo Kaagman