2003 Dutch Souvenirs, EKWC, Den Bosch, Salone Internazionale  del Mobile, Milano 2003, Italy
The Dutch Souvenirs project is about the phenomenon of reproducible ceramic objects that are sold in the Netherlands as souvenirs. While these souvenirs do make reference to Dutch culture, they are mostly caught in the cliché trap. The .ekwc believes it is possible to create a new generation of souvenirs as an alternative for the widely known pottery and porcelain windmills, clogs, cows and tulips. The Dutch Souvenirs project proves that the .ekwc organisation and the talent of the participants really can deliver. The designs, which, with the help of the .ekwc, have been further developed into prototypes, will be presented in Milan from 9th to 14th April as part of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile. Parallel to this presentation, a virtual souvenir shop will be opened at www.dutch- All the ideas that have been submitted will be published here, enabling ceramics companies to orientate on designs that might be interesting to produce. Behind this 'shop-window' of souvenirs you will find the entire project site containing much more information about the background to the project, the development of the concepts, the participants and the role of the .ekwc.
"A self-assembly system for a tulip vase consisting of 2 main elements: a flat, round disc as the basis with a flat, round disc on top of it, with a conical shape above and below. These discs slot into each other and can be stacked to form a tower. Long, narrow pots can be fitted into the holes on each side to put the tulips in water. The clay is first whitened and then a blue Delft painting is applied, either sprayed on by hand using templates, or with transfers. The round side shows a picture of a dish, while the flat side shows tiles."
From Holland with love Eigen huis & Interieur, juli 2004