STREET ART - BANKSY & CO. Palazzo Pepoli - Museo della Storia di Bologna 18 March - 26 June 2016, Italy
For the first time, Street Art - Banksy & Co. presents the influences that street art had and still has on the visual arts, passing through that aesthetic which was born in New York in the 1970s as the result of the passion for lettering and name writing of young people living in the city suburbs. On show the works by authors connected with the graffiti writing and street art, in order to create the similarities between the different productions and to explain how the society has acknowledged them.The art heritage is the protagonist of this original exhibition at Palazzo Pepoli, whose inner court recreates a kind of city corner, an ideal place where to tell an important step of Bologna history. Street Art - Banksy & Co. is curated by Luca Ciancabilla, Christian Omodeo and Sean Corcoran
Talkshow Paul van Liempt RTL Z
Hijack Earth, spray on paper, 1979, private collection Italy
The Dutch Street Art Awards strive for the acceptance of this art form. During this event the well deserved credits go straight to the artists. Creativity with forms like murals, stencils, posters, stickers, installations, sculptures and video projections are judged by experts. The Dutch Street art Awards are organized by Amsterdam Street Art and Boomerang Create.